State Leader Weighs in on Paducah School Closing

State Leader Weighs in on Paducah School Closing
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - The school year is winding down across the heartland.

In Paducah, with a special visitor in town leaders are dealing with that, along with the idea of closing a school.
We all take email for granted. We just sit down, type a message and hit send, but little did Superintendent Dr. Randy Greene know and email he worked up would get Gene Wilhoit the Kentucky Commissioner of Education to show up.
"About 2 months ago I sent him an email and said I would love to sit down and talk to you about two hours just by yourself and I received an email back that said what are you doing this date," said Greene.
The date ended up being Monday, May 22, and Superintendent Greene says he's more than impressed Wilhoit made time for Paducah.
"That's the way he is if you want him to come and visit or you want to talk to him about something he'll get in the car and drive three and a half hours and we appreciate this very much," said Greene.
Since taking his position as the Commissioner of Education Gene Wilhoit says he's visited almost all the schools in the state, the only school district he's missing in Western Kentucky is Crittenden.
"This is probably the most important thing I can do is visit schools it would be very difficult to make decisions in a state wide basis in an abstract scene so I do a lot of these visits," said Wilhoit.
And in a time where Paducah School District leaders are toying with the idea or closing one or more schools Wilhoit tells me his pleased with the way the district is handing it, by getting the community involved.
"I think this a model of how a district should work with the community. The community owns these schools, tax payers in this community have invested in these schools and they rightfully ought to be involved in the decision about what happens."
Both men agree these children are our future and the steps the school system takes to educate them are vital.
The Paducah School Board is continuing to hold meeting to discuss changes for the 2007-2008 school year.
Superintendent Greene added the Board hopes to make a decision before July.