Fugitives Now Charged with Murder - Still On the Run

Fugitives Now Charged with Murder - Still On the Run
By: CJ Cassidy

Police, hot on the trail of an Independence, Missouri couple, now have a Heartland person in custody.
The two fugitives are wanted in connection with a homicide investigation in Independence, and were last seen in Perry County, Missouri.
Charges including first-degree murder, kidnapping and rape were filed today against 43-year-old Richard Davis and 41-year-old Dena Riley. A police affidavit says a video in the couple's Independence home showed Spicer being sexually assaulted. Police said Spicer was later strangled. Davis recently left prison after serving nearly 18 years for a series of felonies, including rape and sodomy.
Police now believe they might be in the Cape Girardeau area, so they want your help getting them back in custody.
Investigators with the Missouri Highway Patrol say earlier tips pointed to Perry County, and that's where officers arrested someone who was hiding a lot more than they thought.
Julie McAlister manages the Hilltop Apartment Complex in Perry County.
She's had her share of problems with tenants, but says no one's ever been accused of harboring fugitives before.
"I wish I had taken a better look at them when they came in," she says.
Police say they want to question 41 year old Richard Davis and 39 year old Dena Riley after someone found an Independence woman's body in a shallow grave.
Marsha Spicer's body was found in Bates City, close to Independence.
"We have warrants out for sodomy on both of them also wanted in questioning of a murder," Cpl. Al Nothum with the Missouri Highway Patrol says.
Investigators tracked the pair to Susan Summers' apartment in Perry County.
But the couple disappeared before police got there.
Now Summers faces charges for hindering prosecution, and leaves her apartment manager wondering what's next for her tenant.
"She's just the kind of person if she sees someone in trouble it would be her nature to do it... even if it would put her in jeopardy. But, still, this was really a shock if she knew about it I would have thought she wouldn't help someone that was that mean," McAlister says.
The pair is believed to be armed and dangerous, so do not try to approach them if you see them, just call the police nearest you.