School District May Owe Thousands to State After Investigation


School District May Owe Thousands to State After Investigation

By: Wes Wallace

Bell City, MO - A Heartland school district may get a math and geography lesson the hard way, following an investigation by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Last week, we brought you the story of the counting controversy involving the Bell City R-II Schools and several students who live outside the district, but attend classes there anyway without paying tuition. Now, the DESE releases their findings of the investigation.

It's just an estimate from the state, but the Bell City District could owe about $19,000. A spokesperson for the Department tells Heartland News this could all mean a slight decrease in future funding for the district.

That's because each school district gets a certain amount of aid and funding from the state per student. In the report by the DESE, there are ten students who attend school in Bell City, but live in the Scott County Central District.

Last week, Scott County Central Superintendent Joel Holland told us how investigators showed him a lease agreement for house in the Bell City District, where several of the students in question are supposed reside. From the looks of one lives in that house..

Jim Morris is a spokesperson with the DESE, and says the $19,000 owed to the state will be taken out of next month's payment to Bell City.

The district has until the end of the month to respond to the state's findings.