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Butler County, MO

Murder for Hire Plot Leads to Arrest

Murder for Hire Plot Leads to Arrest
By: CJ Cassidy

Butler County, MO - A bizarre story has residents in rural Butler County shaking their heads in disbelief.

A 62-year-old man now sits behind bars facing two felony counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

Investigators say they had a little help from a good Samaritan.

We'll keep him anonymous to protect his identity, but everyone else is talking about how he didn't hesitate when it came to doing the right thing.

Investigators call the man a hero, and his mother, calls him an angel.

"My son was put here for this reason I think," the man's mother, Gail Lindsey says.

She can now breathe a sigh of relief.

For seven days she and her son carried around a deep, dark secret revolving around her neighbor, 62-year-old Jackie Conner.

"When you're that close to it, it's scary," Lindsey says.

Investigators say Conner asked Lindsey's son to help him kill his ex-wife and boy-friend.

"This was a custody matter over a son he and his ex-wife had together," Detective Jim Akers tells Heartland News.

When Lindsey's son alerted the sheriff's department, Akers talked to Conner on the phone, pretending to be a hit-man.

"He went through what to do to her what to do to him, he wanted it to look like an overdose," he says.

Conner then allegedly sent Akers $100 as partial payment to carry out the deed.

"This is the first one we've actually had somebody make payment and want to carry through with it," Akers says.

"My son told me and he was scared but he knew if he didn't do something about it, Conner would go somewhere else and get somebody who would do it," Lindsey says.

It all came to a head Wednesday, when investigators used a line of their own to reel Conner in.

"We called him, and said there had been an incident at his ex-wife's house and had him come up. He'd already provided in past conversations an alibi he was going to come up with along with a story of why he thought this had occurred," Akers explains.

A scenario, Gail Lindsey is thankful never took place.

"I'm just real proud of my son," she says.

After he was arrested, police say Conner told them his ex-wife and her boyfriend had mistreated his son, and that's why he wanted them killed.

The SEMO drug task force also provided technical support helping investigators record many of Conner's alleged instructions.

Meanwhile, Conner sits in the Butler County Jail on $250,000 bond.

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