A Relationship Gone Really Bad Ends in Jail

Mark Verrett
Mark Verrett
A Relationship Gone Really Bad Ends in Jail
By: Arnold Wyrick
Sesser, IL - When a reactions goes bad, sometimes they can go really bad. That's what Sesser police say happened with a young couple there.
Beth McCoin, now 24-years-old, was only 16 years old when she meet 21-year-old Mark Verrett. The two ended up having a daughter together. But McCoin says their relationship was anything but enjoyable.
"It was never physical abuse, it was always verbal. It was always threats emotionally. But when somebody is verbally abusing you and threatening you it can turn to be physical," McCoin said with tears in her eyes.
McCoin and Verrett separated long before their baby was born. Verrett ended up behind bars down in Florida for 10 months for stealing a car. Then shortly after getting out of jail Verrett returned to the Sesser area.
The couple tried once more to work things out, but Beth says nothing had changed with Mark. So she left again and stayed at her mother's house in Sesser.
But things between Verrett and McCoin's family became tense.
"His behavior everyday was increasingly getting worse. He'd argue about everything. the last few days it was like I knew we had to do something. I was afraid of him. I wasn't afraid for myself, but for my daughter, and what he'd do to her and the kids," says Carol Blaser McCoin's mother.
So Blaser packed up her daughter and grand kids and headed to Alabama on May 3rd. They weren't gone 24 hours and police say Verrett broke into the families home.
Once inside he proceeded to tear off the cupboard doors in the kitchen, cut all the cords on the appliances, dump oil and carpenters glue everywhere, sling bleach on Blaser's cloths, and even set the thermostat to 100 degrees and then smash it off the wall so it wouldn't shut off.
"We did the right thing to leave. I'd have hated to be in here with somebody in that much rage," Blaser said.
Fortunately for the family they had chosen another family member to watch over the house while they were taking shelter in Alabama. Police caught up to Verrett sitting alongside Interstate 57 South of Marion, Illinois.
"I'm glad he didn't do anything to me or my family. I was always threatened if I ever left I wouldn't be with another man. So in my mind I was thinking that if I ever left him, he'd hurt me, or he'd hurt somebody else," McCoin said fighting back tears.
Now as the family begins to piece their lives back together, Verrett sits behind bars in the Franklin County Jail.
Verrett's bond is set at $50,000. He's charged with residential burglary, criminal damage to property and criminal trespassing. He's scheduled to be in court for a preliminary hearing in June.
Meanwhile the family is fearing for their lives, as a lingering feeling lurks in the back of their minds.
"What about if he gets out and snatches up my daughter. Or if he comes back here and he try to finish what he started," asks McCoin.