Simon Solution Lip Plumper

Does it Work Wednesday
Simon Solution Lip Plumper
By: Lauren Keith

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson are known for their luscious lips. Apparently, that's what all the stars crave and Nicole Landgraf of Eugene's Salon says that Hollywood trend has made it to the Heartland.

"Several people come in, talking about a tingling product that will make their lips look fuller--how can I make my lips bigger? I hear that on a daily basis, so I'll be interested to see," Nicole says.

We think that tingling product Nicole's clients are interested in is the Simon Solution. It's a two-step system. First, an exfoliator and then, a lip gloss. Nicole's going to test it herself. She's an esthetician, which means she's professionally trained to apply facial products and treatments.

First, Nicole puts the tinted cream above and below her lips, just like the directions say. Problem is, we don't know exactly how much to apply, so she guesses.

"It smells mentholated," she notices.

Nicole also feels the tingling sensation, at once.

"In bold print, it says the cold-tingling sensation is normal," I point out to her.

We also notice, the cream actually leaves a film around Nicole's mouth. It's hard to see on camera, because it's tinted beige, like Nicole's skin. You will see though how our test quickly became the topic of discussion in this beauty shop, especially after we applied step two, the lip gloss.

"It's picking up the granules, that residue, I was talking about. It's feeling a little gritty. I'm going to work it in, 'cause who wants grit on their lips?" she says.

Soon after Nicole applied the lip gloss, we do notice her lips looking a bit plumper.

"It does have a little effect. my upper lip i think is a little bigger--lower lip I don't see as much," she says.

Nicole also gives us a makeup trick most estheticians know. She says any gloss will make your lips appear fuller.

"It bounces light off, so it gives it an expansion look," says Nicole.

Again, it's hard to see on camera, but Nicole does think the Simon Solution is working...somewhat.

"Not drastic, not where someone would come up and say, 'ooh, your lips what'd ya do? Not too that effect," she says.

Since the instant results are pretty average - the Simon Solution for lips gets a C-.

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