Once Every 24 Years - A Massive Kentucky Primary

Once Every 24 Years - A Massive Kentucky Primary
By: Erica Byfield

There are the traditional sounds you hear at the polls, "Are you a republican or a democrat".

To those normally reserved for race day, but in the state where horses are a way of life it's no surprise, some Paducah voters get a scenic view while casting their vote at the Bluegrass Downs Raceway.

"It makes it easy to come out because it's pretty to see," Marcia Cochran of Paducah.

"I think if a lot of people knew these wonderful horses are out here practicing for the harness race they would come out to enjoy the beautiful day and the horse and vote," said Jeanine Cudd who recently moved to Western Kentucky from Saint Louis.

Not only is the voting atmosphere different, but this year so is the ballot.

Every 24 years Kentuckians get to participate in what's called a "massive election" where they vote on local, judicial and legislative races.

"It's a lot to vote on and you see a lot of election signs out there so I'm happy to be out voting," said Robert Hosbach.

After the votes are tallied in McCracken County on Tuesday four races will be over, that's for: County Clerk, Jailer, County Commissioner District One and County Judge Executive.

Most voters we talked to Tuesday expected a long wait, especially with new choices in voting machines at most polling places, but in the end they zipped in and out.

"I'm glad they weren't busy it gave me time to really look things over and see what's going on," said Cochran.

"I knew who I was voting for and went in there and voted," added Hosbach.

The entire buzz around this year's primary has many voters waiting to find out how their vote counts!

"If I make the effort to come out I'm going to continue and follow on through," said Cudd.

You can find the results of the "massive" primary election on our web site.