Background Check Firms Suddenly Very Popular

Fake resume's, lying on applications, and a work history that can't be verified; all reasons why employers would do background checks on their workers. And since the Attack on America, the need for security is leading to a booming online business. is seeing a 100% increase in business., an industry leader in the specialized business of checking people's reputation is seeing up to a tripling of inquiries online.   And Kroll Background America, based in Nashville -- one of the biggest of these types of investigative firms in the country says it's requests are going through the roof.
      Why?  because anyone in a position to approve applications -- be it employment or housing -- is realizing they need to do their homework better at the outset to stave off any security problems later.

It all stems from the angst over the September 11th tragedy.   Businesses are starting to realize they may know very little about the people they hire.    

To find their information, these background check firms tap into public databases, visit courthouses, and check university records to verify applicant information.  Most of those searches begin with a social security number and previous addresses.   They'll also commonly include a credit report.

Reports from any of these online firms, including, and can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000 dollars, but companies seem to be finding the money.