Summer Travel Outlook

Summer Travel Outlook
By: Wes Wallace

If you think filling your gas tank is expensive, imagine what a cruise line pays to fuel up a 100,000 ton ship! According to the Wall Street Journal, high gas prices are forcing cruise lines to change routes and schedules. Carnival's Destiny ship won't stop at Aruba, which would take too much gas. Royal Caribbean has travelers showing up earlier for departures so it can sail at slower speeds. Regent Seven Seas is adding a daily fuel surcharge, starting at five dollars.

So your vacation sailing into paradise might be more expensive, but what about airplanes, because they use fuel too. "It's really not affecting much. Some destinations are costing more to travel, some are going down," explains travel agent Amber Bertrand, with First Class Travel, "We've only received one notice of a fuel surcharge, other than that from our understanding; airline companies purchase their fuel two years in advance."

Bertrand also points out sunny Florida is a popular summertime destination, but it may be more expensive, since it's such a hotspot. Other places, like Las Vegas and Mexico are offering good deals, to try and get people to come there to vacation.

No matter how you go, Bertrand offers some other safe travel advice.

  • Don't rent a car outside the US. Bertrand says other countries have much different driving laws and rules of the road. It's easier and cheaper to use public transportation or get a cab.
  • If you're worried about lost luggage, pack light. Keep all your medicines in their original containers, but pack them in your carry on for a flight.
  • Invest in travelers insurance. Hurricane season starts June 1st, and a few hundred dollars now, could save you thousands if a hurricane or some other incident blows away your vacation.