Knife Fight on School Bus

Knife Fight on School Bus
By: Arnold Wyrick
Murphysboro, IL - Weapons and schools definitely don't mix. Now two Murphysboro boys are in trouble after getting into a fight on a school bus. One of the boys had a knife in his hand as the fight broke out.
"We're still interviewing students who were on the bus at the time of the fight. A knife was found by the bus driver and turned over to us. It's a camping style of a knife," says Assistant Principal David Brauer.
Brauer still doesn't know which one of the boys brought the knife onto the bus, and possibly into the school on Wednesday.
The 8th and 9th grade boys began fighting on their way home. Another student on the bus saw the knife and got in between the two boys who were fighting, until the bus driver was able to get stopped and take control of the situation.
"It's pretty scary to think what happens here with kids, and this is a Junior High School. But I think it should be taken seriously by the people in authority, to keep that from happening," says Karen Wheetley of Murphysboro.
"Maybe we need metal detectors or something for these kids getting on the bus," says Leroy Schroeder of Murphysboro.
Assistant Principal Brauer tells Heartland News that no one was injured during the knife fight. No disciplinary action has been taken at this time against either of the two boys. But once their investigation into the incident is completed they could face punishment.