Teacher Confesses to Role in Adult Film

Teacher Confesses to Role in Adult Film
By: Erica Byfield

Reidland, KY - When do we forgive people for mistakes they've made in the past? One Heartland community is battling the issue.

"I'm girl from the wrong side of the tracks who's made a lot of bad decisions in life," suspended teacher Tericka Dye.

Through the tears, a confession of what Tericka Dye calls the worst choice she's ever made. "I don't think I should pay eleven years later by losing the one career I found that I love and that I'm good at."

In front of students, parents and our cameras Dye came clean. Eleven years ago she did film a pornographic movie in Los Angeles, but she strongly insists she's changed.

"Anybody who's been in my classroom could tell you how much I love teaching and how much I love these students and that should be what matters more than anything in my past," said Dye.

I spoke with McCracken county schools superintendent Tim Heller by phone Wednesday afternoon. He told me the district suspended dye on April 27th with pay, and after a difficult decision sent her a non-renewal notice on Friday the 28th.

Heller added her presence in the classroom could, "be a distraction to the educational process."

The application for McCracken County Schools and the Kentucky Code of Ethics for teachers says nothing about past involvement in adult fields.

But, Kentucky schools do run a background check run through the Kentucky State Police.

The question is what did she do wrong, the answer, legally nothing.

Dye thinks students could learn a huge life lesson through her mistake.

"I think the students can see, look... I didn't have a perfect life I'm not a perfect person. I'm standing up here teaching you science because I've changed," said Dye.