President Signs Executive Order (9/24)

President Signs Executive Order
This morning, President George W. Bush gave Congress a big boost that is a significant key to winning the war on terrorism when he signed an executive order that named terrorist organizations and froze their US Assets -- both here and overseas.  The move froze the assets of 27 organizations and individuals that are known to be terrorist organizations or a front for terrorist groups. To view the executive order go to

Crop Dusters to Resume Flying Tuesday
After the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) grounded crop dusters because of  "a serious, credible threat" stemming from an inquiry by a known terrorist into the use of crop dusters, the FAA has indicated that crop dusters can resume flights beginning at 12:05 a.m. in each time zone on Tuesday, September 25th.  For more information, visit

This Week in Washington
Here in Congress, we'll be working this week on defense authorization and anti-terrorism legislation. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I will be working with other appropriators to streamline the FY02 appropriations process and speed up a two-week continuing resolution that will keep the federal government operating through Oct. 16. Finally, a number of hearings regarding the future of national security will be held including a hearing focusing on airline passenger and baggage screening.  There will also be hearings in the House and Senate on homeland security, ground transportation security, and the psychological trauma of terrorism.