Police go with Pedal Power Over Horse Power

Police go with Pedal Power Over Horse Power
By: CJ Cassidy

Jackson, MO -H
igh gas prices are fueling police concerns
across the country, forcing many departments to c
the way they operate.

Police in Jackson have a plan to cut fuel costs.

Some officers say they'll really be putting the pedal to the metal .

"We'll be very active. We won't be able to cover 40 or 50 miles a night, but we're going to be able to get to places a lot quicker sometimes while patrol cars are on other side of town," Officer Jackie Wilson says.

Jackson police point out the only thing they might burn on these bikes, will be rubber.

"Another thing is savings on gas. With the cost of fuel going up, we're not going to be riding around in patrol cars burning up gasoline," Lt. Rodney Barnes says.

Only two police officers plan on making the transition to bikes at this time. That follows an extensive training program with the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

Officer Wilson says he can't wait to test his new wheels.

"There's areas in the park you can't get to, in a patrol car, and you can on a bike. very stealthy very quiet, sneak up on a lot of people," he says.

"It's an extension of our community policing effort. We want to get our officers out amongst the public, what better way than being on a bicycle instead of a car driving past," Barnes says.

And as police look to summer and extra patrolling, they're counting on pedal power to keep the fuel budget out of the red.

"We have our 4th of July and our Homecomers. It's going to help out a lot," Wilson says.

Jackson police have had officers on bikes in the past, but only for special events.

Police will take to their pedals by the middle of the month.