The Viruses Keep on Comin'!

More warnings about viruses running rampant on the internet.  As long as people leave themselves unprotected, these viruses will continue making the rounds. So far there appears to be no connection between the latest infections on the Internet at any terrorist activity.   The "War Vote", or "Trojan Vote" virus seems to come from domestic hackers.   It will arrive on your e-mail, especially if you use Microsoft Outlook, with a subject line that says:  "Peace BeTween AmeriCa And IsLam," in a strange mix of upper and lower-case letters.   The message bears the lines: "Hi! IS iT A waR Against AmeriCa Or IsLam! Let's Vote To Live in Peace!"  And finally, the mail will come with the attached file: WTC.exe.   The Symantec virus warning site puts this one at a high risk.   It'll replicate itself to every name in your address book, and then try to delete everything in your Windows file.   Another, even newer file called "Whiter.Trojan" might do even more damge...trying to delete all files from your hard disk.   More on these and other wild viruses on the internet right now, on the web site.
     Also, the website is more packed than ever with the very latest on the aftermath of the attack on america and Operation Enduring Freedom.   It's updated constantly.   And a new feature on the station website: regular comments from Southern Illinois' David Phelps, Western Kentucky's Ed Whitfield and Southeast Missouri's Joann Emerson from the floor of the US House of Representatives on the latest goings-on there. And remember, basic computing equipment these days includes a good anti-virus software package.