Mayfield Restaurant Goes Non Smoking

Mayfield Restaurant Goes Non Smoking
By: Erica Byfield

Mayfield, KY - Smoking is a staple in Western Kentucky; most restaurants are divided down the middle into smoking and non smoking sections.

But after more than 70 years one Mayfield eatery's snuffed out the option.

Its business like usual at Wilma's Kountry Kitchen, Vicki's on the grill, Christy's is waiting tables and Rick Tedder's stopped by to gobble up the daily special...

But for the first time in Wilma's history Tedder and others can't reach for one of these and light up.

"I'm a contractor and this is a place I can come in and still be a little bit dirty and not fill out of place," said Tedder.

Why, because as of Monday morning Wilma's snuffed out the habit.

"We've been thinking about if for awhile we just decided it was time I mean it's fixing to happen everywhere so we might as well," said Manager Linda Pruiett, "it was very smokey when they come in the other was they would smell like smoke when they had to go back to their business."

"I realize everybody has their rights and I respect other people's rights not to smell smoke so it doesn't really bother me really," said Tedder.

And on a shelf, a box full of a treasures from the past... the collection of ashtrays that used to have a permanent place at Wilma's.

"To a lot of our regulars we've been giving them as little souvenirs... you know a little something," said Pruiett.

She adds Wilma's Kountry kitchen is now the only smoke free restaurant in Mayfield.

As of Tuesday afternoon she's only received one complaint, the rest of the customers seem to be taking it well.