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Man Charged after Leaving Baby Home Alone

Man Charged after Leaving Baby Home Alone
By: CJ Cassidy

A Cape Girardeau man faces misdemeanor child endangerment charges.

Police say they arrested the man for driving without a license, but he's in bigger trouble tonight, for what he allegedly did next.

"She's in good condition. By God's grace and mercy with no water and food it could have been very devastating and Richie's well aware of this fact," William Stemmerick says.

But for almost 24 hours Stemmerick says no one was aware his brother Richard had left his two-year-old daughter alone in his Cape Girardeau apartment.

William was appointed as his niece's guardian when police arrested his brother once, but he had no warning the second time around.

"By temporary order, I had no choice but to return the child. A week later Richard was re-arrested on warrants. He was out late at night, and says he was only meaning to leave child for ten minutes. That's no justification, but he does feel bad," William says.

"If there is a child involved, when they're arrested, at the time of arrest, we make arrangements with family or someone to take care of welfare of a child," Patrolman Jason Selzer with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says.

Selzer adds Stemmerick admits he never told the arresting officer his child was home alone.

"I've got a two year old myself, and I can't imagine that child being left alone. They get into everything, they're inquisitive; they're nowhere near the age they can be left alone," Selzer says.

Still William Stemmerick says his brother suffers from a bi-polar disorder, and hopes authorities allow him and his niece a second chance.

"I will take guardianship of my niece until my brother is competent and stable. I'm not trying to take the child away but I will hold her and love her unconditionally until he can," William says.

William's niece has been in his custody since he found her at his brother's home.

Richard Stemmerick is still being held in the Cape Girardeau County Jail.

He claims he did tell a County Jailer about his child, but police say they have no record of his doing so.

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