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Union County, IL

Child Sex Assault Case Involves Family

Child Sex Assault Case
By: CJ Cassidy

A 62-year-old man sits behind bars in the Tri-County Jail for allegedly sexually assaulting three young children.

Prosecutors say Robert Smith of Union County denies the accusations against him.

A mother of one of the children involved, filed a police report against Smith.

Today, after we agreed to protect her identity, she shared her story with us, speaking out against the man she claims robbed her ten-year-old son of his innocence.

"One morning he came to me and told me, Mommy I've got to tell you something, and he told me what happened," That's when "may" as we'll call her, first realized something might be wrong in the relationship her son had with Robert Smith.

"He always came and picked him up took him places done things with him, because his dad didn't really have much to do with him. I never thought anything of it. It's his grandfather. I never questioned it at all, never had any reason to," May says.

Union County State's Attorney Allen James says May's child wasn't the only one Smith sexually assaulted.

"It involves three different children, under the ages of 13. Two of the children being girls, he digitally penetrated them. The other child being a boy, there was penile penetration with him. The children ranged in age from two to ten," James says.

"I asked him why, and he swore to me "I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything" but you have three little kids who say differently who are you going to believe?" May asks.

Through her struggles to help her son, May hopes others learn a lesson from her pain.

"I don't trust anybody right now. Nobody. I've got to question everybody about everything," she says.

Smith faces eight counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child.

Those are all X-felony charges; the highest felony charges in Illinois.

If convicted, Smith faces anywhere from six to thirty years in prison on each count.

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