Homes Damaged By Storms

Homes Damaged By Storms
By: Arnold Wyrick
Cobden, IL - A windy Sunday afternoon turned violent for some folks living near Cobden, Illinois. As the sun began setting to the west, severe storms knocked down trees, ripped roofs off and sent some folks running for cover.
The damage left behind from the storms is plain to see as you drive down Toledo Cemetery Road. The Elder family, and their neighbors were hit the hardest.
"I wasn't home at the time. I'm glad I wasn't home. We were in Anna. And when we got home this is what we found," says Chris Elder of Cobden.
What they found was there barn destroyed, their carport ripped from the ground and slammed into their house. That knocked down their chimney which came crashing down on their deck, breaking it in half.
"I don't wish this on anybody. I don't want it to happen again to me. It's a mess, it's got to be cleaned up. But we'll take it one day at a time," Elder said.
The buzz of chainsaws could be heard from across the road.
That's where Dave Killian and members of his church were busy cleaning the debris in his yard.
"It sounded like limbs and nuts hitting the house. We had some wind and pea size hail and it started raining real hard. Then it was over in just a few minutes," Killian said.
But it was enough time to toppled or destroy more than 17 trees in and around their house. And not a single limb crashed through the roof, or a window.
" It's a miracle! I just started remodeling the house. And when I saw all these limbs down, I thought there was going to be some major damage, but there's none," Killian said as he placed another bundle of broken limbs on the bonfire.
Crews worked into the early morning hours repairing downed power lines in the area. And Union County highway crews cleared the roadways of debris.
No injuries were reported in the area. No word yet from the National Weather Service on what caused the damage.