Easy Quick Jumper

We're heading into the cold time of year.  And Winter often means dead car batteries.  But you may not have to brave the freezing temperatures to jump-start your car. A new product promises to let you do it all from inside the cab.

Are you confused about positive and negative, and which clamps to attach first when it comes to jump starting your car with traditional jumper cables?  You may not have to worry anymore.  The Easy Quick Jumper promises to be a simple as plugging into your cigarette lighter.  We deadened the battery on one of our news vehicles to put it to the test for you.

John Morgan is our chief photographer at Heartland News.  He tries the Easy Quick Jumper for the first time.  Following directions, he first starts a truck with a strong battery, and plugs-in the black cord.  Then, in the dead truck, he checks to make sure all battery-using options are turned off.  After that, he turns the key to the 'accessory' position.  And finally, plugs-in the red cord.

Dash board beeps and lights are positive signs that Easy Quick Jumper is drawing power to the disabled battery.  Now we simply have to sit and wait for five minutes. When time is up, John tries to start the news vehicle again.

All we hear are clicks.  That's more engine activity than at first, but still not enough juice to start the truck.  Directions say to wait another five minutes before trying again.

"Oh, it's as dead as a door nail," John says after trying it the second time.

Instead of getting stronger, it actually got weaker!  Not a click to be heard now!  To make sure our battery is okay and able to be jumped, we try traditional jumper cables.  Seconds after hooking the cables up, John turns the key.  Jumper cables have no problem in starting our vehicle -- without any wait. All this goes to show you shouldn't waste $29 on the Easy Qucik Jumper.  It flunks our test.  But if you still want to try it, you can order it online at www.absoluteamenities.com