Dan Hecht

Dan Hecht

Jackson High School

10th through 12th

Current Events

"Coach Hecht exemplifies the best in the business. He keeps students on task in a full classroom, all the while teaching us important life lessons."

"He is a role model for male and female students. Even other teachers go to him for advice."

"His class requires very little from the student, but gives back a priceless education."

"Mr. Hecht has that quality about him that is undeniably special. He is loved by everyone."

"Mr. Hecht is a well-rounded educator who has inspired a number of kids to get involved, including myself."

"Mr. Hecht embodies what every person thinks of as the ideal teacher: challenging, caring, and engaging...he makes students comfortable by expressing his own humility. His classroom provides the quintessential learning atmosphere, because of the great person and teacher that he is."

"His views remain unbiased and he supports and challenges each student in order for them to learn. He cares for each student wanting each to learn his material, not to pass a test, but to better understand and be prepared for the world."

"Coach Hecht is amazing...it was a class I always looked forward to."