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Carolyn Shown

Carolyn Shown

Murray Middle School


Reading, Social Studies, Math

"I don't dread school anymore. We do a lot of fun things that help us learn like songs, skits, and activities."

"She is very nice and gives you second chances. If you're nice to her, she'll be nice to you."

"When she is reading she is loud so you can hear her. If we don't understand, she will go back and explain."

"She tells us stories, talks in funny voices, and acts out some things."

"...she's a little bit of everything. She's funny, strict, and serious about her job and what she does."

"She is nice and has a positive attitude."

"She makes up sayings or riddles to help you remember how to change the signs in math."

"...always respectful, always kind and caring, has a clean environment, is understanding of students' needs, and a good rule enforcer."

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