DeAnn Anderson

DeAnn Anderson

Mayfield High School



"She's always there to comfort me when I'm having a bad day. She helps me and encourages me in everything I do."

"If we don't understand something she will go over it until we get it."

"Her eagerness to teach is very motivating and you can tell she wants the best for her students."

"She is an encouraging, motivating, determined teacher who deserves recognition."

"She is always on her toes in class and makes our assignments fun by referring to real life situations in teenage lives."

"She always has time and doesn't per herself before her students."

"She is great a getting her students to want to do good in school. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had."

"Mrs. Anderson is organized about her lessons and what she plans to teach. If she realizes that a student is struggling, she will pull them aside and try to solve the problem."

"She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help someone in need. She brings so much joy to the class and to the lessons we have."

"She's just the funniest teacher ever."

"She helps with all problems whether they are school related or personal. She helped me find a prom date! I could talk to Mrs. Anderson about anything."

"She doesn't baby her students."

"She pushes students to succeed no matter who they are, and tries harder with those who believe they're not going anywhere after high school."

"She has been the best teacher I have ever had. She has given me advice when I need it most, and has helped me through my junior year."

"Being in her class brightens my day. She's full of encouragement. She tells it like it is and always keeps us laughing."

"She is a great woman to look up to."