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Kim Keller

Kim Keller

Oak Ridge Middle School

Junior High


"Mrs. Keller has such a cool, laid back attitude and because of this she is the Middle School Pep Club sponsor...she organizes a Fall and Spring dance along with two different spirit weeks..."

"She will go to extreme measures to make sure that a student understands her lesson...she will do one-on-one after school tutoring with a student."

"She always has an outgoing attitude."

"She makes us feel so relaxed when she explains the lesson. She tells us jokes while she teaches..."

"She makes up stories that are funny to help us understand better."

"She...doesn't act so serious all the time."

" matter how much you don't understand something, she never gets mad and somehow helps you learn."

"Everyday when I come to school I look forward to having Mrs. Keller teach me something new."

"...she speaks the students' language."

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