Pete Darnell

Pete Darnell

Ste. Genevieve Middle School

7th and 8th


"...he is in touch with his students. He gives examples using things we are interested in. He gets the students involved in what they are learning about."

"A great teacher to talk to about science or life in general. He has great advice for any type of question."

"...he gives individual attention to students who do no understand the material clearly."

"He lets us have a little leeway on things when we are having problems."

"He keeps strict rules but still allows you to have fun in class. I feel comfortable talking to him about things other than class."

"I never dread going to his class. I never see Mr. Darnell in a bad mood. I always walk into class and he's in a great mood."

"He will take time out of his own person time to help students. He is a very nice person."

"Mr. Darnell helps us learn and teaches well. He helps us with our problem and I feel as if I could ask him anything."

"He is very respectful to all of his students and everyone around him."

"He is the best science teacher I have ever had. Because of him I have taken a much bigger interest in science. He taught me so much this year that I never understood before."

"...he taught me to not be shy and to talk louder so people don't tease me and so people will respect me and not put me down."

"...he understands what it is like to be a teenager."