Jill Pinkston

Jill Pinkston

Scott City Elementary


"Because of Mrs. Pinkston's genuine love of children and dedication to her profession, our grandson flourished and began his educational journey as a student who loves to go to school."

"...they taste snowflakes on their tongue rather than looking at them from a window."

"Mrs. Pinkston values the worth of each child by validating who they are and their individual uniqueness. She instilled the values of kindness and respect an a reminder that we live in a world with others."

"She always makes us smile. Mrs. Pinkston is one of the nicest teachers and I love her."

"She molds them; teaches them the basics...but also teaches them manners, discipline, social skills."

"She makes each child feel special giving them their own week to 'shine' in class and let the others learn about them."

"Every child is treated like they are the most special child in the world. I see many of her former students rush up to her...just to talk and she always has an open ear for them."

"I wake up every morning and can't wait to school because I love it. I love it because of Mrs. Pinkston. She is the bestest teacher in the whole world."