Candace Smith

Candace Smith

Cobden Junior High School

7th and 8th

Reading, Social Studies, Constitution

"She is sooooo awesome. She is the funnest. She is just like us."

"She makes us feel comfortable around her and you can ask her anything."

"Mrs. Smith does projects with us to help us learn."

"She is a nice and easy going person."

"She inspires us to learn to our fullest extent. She...doesn't bore us with lectures. She is nice to everyone, even the annoying troublemakers."

"She acts like a real person, not just a teacher."

"She is just a really good teacher, nice person, and she cares about us."

"...she is so down to earth and when she teaches she does it to where she'll know we understand."

"She is a fun and loving person. She is a great teacher because she treats you like her own and wants to know your feelings."

"Her room is homey and that helps me to concentrate while working. She is very patient and funny."