Nancy Seyer

Nancy Seyer

Immaculate Conception


"She is an extremely motivated leader...with devout spiritual belief which she passes on to her students. Through her innovative ways of teaching, the students are continually learning, even when they just see it as having fun."

"She holds a high standard for her students and builds character in each one. The students can't wait to get to school to spend the day with her.."

"Mrs. Seyer has been a blessing to my 1st grader. She has made learning fun. She has made him feel more comfortable using his own ideas."

"Through her kindness, caring, and discipline she has earned the respect of her students and their parents. She has the ability to teach with patience making learning easy and fun."

"Being a Catholic school allows Mrs. Seyer the ability to model Christian values while teaching a faith based curriculum. She is consistent, firm, and fair while staying cool, calm, and collected."

"Words cannot describe this lady or do her justice. One has to meet her to feel, to see, to experience her incredible talent, her kind heart, her sense of humor, her patience."

"I do not believe I have ever seen her get upset. She teaches the children how to learn for themselves, not just how to do it, but why. She involves parents in the learning process every step of the way."

"She helps them set personal goals and encourages them along the way to meet and exceed their goals."