Quilt Show “Sole” Steppers

Quilt Show “Sole” Steppers
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - Quilters specialize in their patchwork, and with the annual quilt show underway their also specializing in protecting their feet. 

"These are my treadmill shoes," said Margaret Schmanke from Gerald, Missouri. 

"You have to have something you can walk in for eight hours that means big soles, comfortable on your feet and who cares what they look like," said Joyce Perlow of Saint Louis, Missouri. 

Perlow should know, she's an avid quilter.  "You don't get have to get prepared really, we're prepared all the time to come to a quilt show," added Perlow. 

When it came time to lace up for the quilt show most folks I spotted Thursday selected..."Sneakers"  Why?  We'll I heard tons of reasons.  "You need the arch support and a good foundation is a walking shoe," said Pat Watson of Panama City, Florida. 

There are also miles and miles of walking involved when you’re trying to get a glance at these masterpieces.  "You’re walking 1000 miles," said quilter Judy Davis of Poca, West Virginia.  "I’m wearing sandals," said Bobbi Darntay of East Concord, New York. 

This mother/daughter pair have crisis-crossed the country to get here.  And Virginia Clark tells me she learned long ago not over "step" her boundaries.  "I didn't advise her on what shoes to wear I did that once and caught the devil for it," said Clark of Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

These ladies may end their trip with some tired "dogs", but they all say it's more than worth it.  Friday and Saturday are the last days of the convention.