The Storm Station

Does it Work Wednesday
The Storm Station
By: Lauren Keith

This week, I'm testing the Black & Decker Storm Station. It's a product Heartland News viewers selected in an online poll for me to test. The Storm Station claims to be "your source when the power goes out."

"Good morning, Brian Alworth in the Storm Team center with a storm warning..."

When the Heartland Storm Team breaks into programming, you know you or some of your neighbors, will get slammed with some type of severe weather. That's where this storm station may just come in handy.

It's not a programmable NOAA weather radio or a generator, but it does claim to have enough juice to power up a few things after a storm.

First - this "find me light" is supposed to immediately turn on, once the power's knocked out. As I yank the cord, sure enough, the light pops on. Now you can find the Storm Station in your dark garage.

Next, Black and Decker claims this thing can power up a small 25-watt non-heated appliance. I try it and sure enough, our clock radio turns on. It also has a 12-volt attachment for a cell phone charger. I plug it in and that works, too.

Now, let's test that radio.

"Cloudy, hazy conditions continue at Poplar Bluff," that's the sound that comes from the radio. The Storm Station can also pick up TV audio. I tested it back on April 7th, during severe weather. This is what i heard: "The entire Heartland is under a tornado watch for the entire afternoon."

The Storm Station yet again lives up to its claim, but, keep in mind you have to charge the Storm Station at least ten hours, before it's fully ready to go. So, if you buy it, you may want to keep it plugged in during storm season.

While the storm station is charging, this flashlight also charges. As you can see, it works, too. I can't seem to find anything wrong with the storm station, except maybe the price. It costs a whopping $100!

So, is it worth it? Let's ask StormTeam Meteorologist Jason Lindsey.

"After we've seen all the tornadoes, like in Caruthersville or Perry county--iIdon't know if people are willing to spend 100 bucks, unless you've lived through one of these, but weather radios and things like this will become a hot commodity as we continue on. I do still think it's a good device," said Lindsey.

I agree.

The Black and Decker Storm Station gets a B+.

It definitely works, but we're putting the pressure on Black and Decker to knock that $100 price down a bit, so everyone can afford it Until the next Does it work Wednesday, when I try it before you buy it.