Quilters Bring Business to Paducah

Quilters Bring Business to Paducah
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - With all of the extra people in town, Paducah's running out of room.

In a seemly quiet neighborhood downtown there's a one bed room for rent.

"I have spare room I would love to share," said Relocated Artist Dorothy Lazara of New York.

There's few extra perks if you're a quilter; since Dorothy Lazara specializes in the art form, and she lives a few blocks away from the Convention Center.

"I love company, I love to meet people especially from different places," said Lazara.

Lazara like others on the block are truly living up to the saying "Southern Hospitality" for this week she's turned her home into a Bed and Breakfast.

"I stayed in a bed and breakfast while my house was being rebuilt and people tell me they do it," said Lazara.

"It's awesome, it's awesome you got to have somewhere to stay and there's not enough hotels for everybody," said visiting Quilter Andrea Meinert of Linton, Indiana.

The open arms and sweet smells don't stop there; some locals have feasts waiting for hungry passers by.

"This is for the church and it's our second largest fundraiser for the year when we set up for the quilters," said Brenda Davis of Paducah.

With steaming piles of southern fixings ready to go Davis has a feeling business will pick up.

"When it's warmer business really booms, does a lot better because people are out and about," said Davis

And as a relocated northerner Dorothy Lazara hopes her willingness to take in quilters is living up to Paducah's southern roots.

"If they want to stay they can I'll just but some air mattresses and I have a studio in the back, I could set up a dormitory."

The going rate for this Bed and Breakfast is $50 a night, compared to about $140 at a local hotel during the quilt show.