Quilting Style in The Heartland

Quilting Style in The Heartland
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - Whether their hanging in windows, draping from arms or tied around waists it's very obvious quilts are in style.

"We make quilts, we love quilts and so we wear them," said Deborah Yezbak of Traverse City, Michigan.

"We try to make something every year like a new vest or carry a new purse just for fun," said Marge Scisoce of New Bloomfield, Indiana.

Some of the clothes have morphed into there current form.

"The yardage for the jacket came from a dress I had made out a log cabin pattern and I wore it for several years and decided it was out of style," said Maryland Wall of West Union, South Carolina.

Some people walked around Tuesday in matching outfits and shared tips on creating their collections.

"I made it about 5 years ago and it's just very simply made it just lots of blocks of fabric and there not even turned over or anything," said Yezbak.

The biggest trend is by far the quilted purse... it's multifunctional... shows off your needle works skills and holds loads of goodies.

"I made this just because it has all types of quilt names on it and its big enough that I can put all my purchases inside it," said Loettea Rush also from New Bloomfield, Indiana.

Plus this time of year it's a dead give away when you're lost.

"We were standing on a corner down there waiting on a bus, somebody told us to stand on that corner and it wasn't a bus stop. When a bus driver went the other way he circled around and came back and got us because he knew we were quilters," said Geneva Adams of New Bloomfield.

"Quilt shows is the only place where you can go up and feel people vest or shirts and they won't get angry with you and they don't get upset," said Rush.

The Quilt Show starts Wednesday and runs through Saturday.