Second Strike: Two Twisters Confirmed in Pemiscot County

Two Tornadoes Strike Pemiscot County
By: Heartland News

A little more than three weeks after the area was devastated by a massive F3 tornado, Pemiscot County is once again hit by tornadoes. This time the National Weather Service in Memphis confirms two F1 tornadoes hit the county last night.

According to a news release from the Pemiscot County Sheriff's Department two minor injuries were reported to the hospital in Hayti as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Both injured people were treated and released.

At least one trailer was flipped over around the Deering area. Elsewhere in the county, including around Braggadocio, there are reports of damage to barns and metal buildings and trees knocked over.

Hail was around 1/4 inch in size and was piled up as high as four inches in some areas.

The National Weather Service says the first F1 twister touched down near Highway C west of Deering. This tornado lifted and touched down again near Highways U and J. The tornado proceeded into Caruthersville one quarter to one half mile south of the April 2nd F3 tornado track.

A second F1 tornado touched down near Steele. This tornado moved across Interstate 55 causing no damage and then on toward Cottonwood Point before lifting.

Damage from straigh line winds is also reported near deering between Highway J and Highway 412 on Road C and between Stubtown and Cottonwood Point. A trailer was also destroyed between Highway J and Highway 412.