Click It or Ticket

Click It or Ticket
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY --It’s dangerous enough to hit the roads without a seatbelt, and in one Heartland state it just got a bit riskier.
“Click it or Ticket” is a phrase law enforcement across the county use to get drivers to buckle up.    
"I wear my seat belt," said Robert McLemore while holding his grandson. 
According to state leaders 67% of Kentuckians wear a seat belt, and out of all 50 states Kentucky comes in 47th.   
"I think it's a good thing because she's been driven all over with out hers on and we've been yelling at her all day... so I think it's just in the nick of time," said Barb McClain. 
Officials also hope for:

1. At least 62 fewer deaths.

2. Almost four hundred less spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries

3. A minimum saving of nearly $40-million over 10 years in the states Medicaid budget.

 4. Additional $11- million in federal funding for safety improvements on state roads. 

"I think it's good Kentucky got on board," said Emily Young.

Some out of towners couldn’t believe Kentucky just adopted this law.  "We’ve had that in England for 20-30 years it should be law," said Boyce Stetson.  "And people here are using their mobile phones when driving and that should also banned... it's banned in England," added his wife Jeanne. 

These recent changes are music to Robert McLemore ears; he has his grandson to worry about.  "Because it's their safety, they have got to grow up too so if we don't watch after them they won't grow up," he said. 

House Bill 117 becomes law July 12th, 2006.