Update to Body Found in Mississippi County

Update to Body Found in Mississppi County
By: CJ Cassidy

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO --There are new details on the investigation into a body found in Mississippi County just north of East Prairie, Missouri Saturday afternoon.

Police say autopsy results now confirm the victim is a Hispanic man believed to be in his 40's-50's who died of a single gunshot to the back of the head.  Investigators don't know what led to the shooting just yet, but say it was similar to an "execution style killing".  They also say after the victim was shot in the head, he was shot again in the side of the neck and in the groin area.

Now investigators hope you can help them figure out who the victim is, and what led to his brutal death. 
"He's not very tall maybe 5'6" or 5'8" with a muscular build, and two tattoos. One is of praying hands with a rosary which was on the left side upper arm and the other a tattoo of the letters SBG on the upper right arm," Mississippi County Sheriff Keith Moore says.
Moore says some youngsters on four wheelers came across the victim's body in a wooded area off County Road 430. 
"That's a known four wheeler terrain. They came up to this hill from the ditch bank and there it was they slammed on their brakes and it shocked them," he says.

Investigators also believe the actual shooting did not take place there.  "It looks like the body was just dumped there," Moore says.

Area residents like Ted Hutchason say the discovery's led to quite a bit of traffic on the usually quiet county road.  "This happening close to home will probably make people stop and think about kids getting out at night make them stop and think," Hutchason says.

Meanwhile police say they're just thankful the youngsters who found the body didn't cross the killer or killers' path.
"If they had stopped and run up on them and seen them do something like this it could have got very violent and they could have been hurt also," Moore says.
Mississippi County Coroner Terry Parker believes the victim was probably killed sometime on Thursday or Friday morning.
Investigators plan on checking the victim's fingerprints against a national computer database.
They also say they'd like to question the driver of a charcoal gray Chevy Impala, who may have been in the area where the body was found.
If you have any information you think might help, call the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department at (573) 683-2111.