Naming Newborns Challenging for Some

Naming Newborns Challenging for Some
By: Wes Wallace

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are the proud parents of two day old Suri. It's Hebrew for "princess" and "red rose" in Persian.

Brooke Shields gave birth to daughter Grier right down the hall from Holmes on Tuesday.

With Suri, Grier, Apple, Moses, Seven, and a host of other unusual names for celebrities kids becoming more and more popular, we decided to find out 'what's in a name'.

"We've picked out several names, it's been quite a task each time," says Beth Roberts.

Roberts and her husband Glenn are the proud parents of a newborn. With a head full of hair, little Kobe got his name from the basketball great. "We had Kobe picked out because of Kobe Bryant, and when decided on it we found out we were having a boy this time."

Notice Beth said 'this time'. That's because the Roberts have six other children between them. Chesley, Jaylee, Dorian, Christopher, Jessica and Trevor.

"They're some family names, some other names I picked out of a book," explains Beth, "To me, the most important thing is to give them their own identity and be creative, but don't make it so hard that they're never pronounced right, because sometimes people give their kids beautiful names, but they're mispronounced their whole life, since they're not easily spelled."

Biblical names are also very popular right now. Beth has two nephews named Joshua and Jacob.

Glenn Roberts agrees it's good to give kids their own identity, but admits if the couple has any more children, they might face a problem, "It's getting to the point where we're pretty thin on names. I'm not gonna say it's not happen again, but if it does, we're gonna be thinking a lot."

Over the last few years, Abigail, Allison, Emma, Hannah, and Hailey top the list for names of girls born at Southeast Hospital. For the boys, William and Lucas were common, but Jacob was the most popular name three of the last five year.

On the marquee outside St. Francis Medical Center, you can find all sorts of unique names, like Brynson, Ryder, Kyla, Aubrey, Blazin Cain, Landon, Kanawa, and Enzley.