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Springtime Crime on the Rise

Springtime Crime on the Rise
By: CJ Cassidy

It's no secret; as temperatures steadily rise, police say so does crime, leading up to the summer months.

But investigators in Cape Girardeau find themselves juggling more than their typical share of spring time crime.

Police aren't calling it a "trend" just yet, but from dealing with suspicious fires to shootings, officers have had their hands full, especially in the last 24 hours.

"Every summer people are going to act crazy!" But this is still Spring, and Helen Allen's angry.

Still who can blame her?

Shards of broken glass injured Allen when a bullet meant for someone else, came through her house.

"I say thank God I'm safe, thank God I'm safe," Allen says.

Antonio Boaz lives two blocks down from Allen on South Ellis Street.

He knows exactly what it's like to be become a victim of violence.

Boaz claims a group of eight young black men, attacked him and a friend early Tuesday morning.

"I fell to the ground twice they beat me up, kicked me, punched me in the head stomped me down every time. I kept getting up fighting them off," Boaz says.

"Traditionally dangerous crime does increase during summertime people out later at night," Sgt. Barry Hovis with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says.

Figures from 2004 and 2005 show more than 28% of the crime in Cape take place in summer: another reason why police want to stop springtime crime before it becomes a dangerous trend.

But investigators say they can't do that without folks like Don Rice.

Rice, called 911 when he spotted a blaze on Spanish Street Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators now call the fire suspicious, and thank rice for noticing another detail: this one involving a vehicle in the area.

"Just the way it was leaving, was suspicious. I was pulling up to the house. I was beside it and looking he darted out real quick almost hitting the front of my truck," Rice says.

Cape Police are working with the fire department as part of a joint arson investigation team.

Officers ask you to step up just like Don Rice did, if you have any information on the fire, the shooting, or the alleged assault on South Ellis Street.

And when it comes to staying safe, pay attention to your surroundings, and try not to stay out alone, late at night.

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