Killer Twisters

Killer Twisters
By: Jason Lindsey


Cape Girardeau, MO - Large hail, damaging wind, and deadly tornadoes the Heartland has suffered its share of severe weather to say the least.

According to the Storm Prediction Center 47 people have died in 14 deadly tornadoes that have touched down inMissouri, Illinois, and Tennessee.

So why so many tornadoes here and not elsewhere?  Basically, all the ingredients are coming together right over our area.  Some of the ingredients you need include a weather maker, a strong jet stream overhead, and a good batch of warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Here's the problem that warm and moist air isn't pushing west into the plains, what some consider tornado alley.  That means the "alley" is missing one of the important ingredients for severe weather.  Until this pattern changes we might be seeing a lot more severe weather.

Some other theories out there, the dry line, a boundary between moist and dry air has shifted east into the Heartland.  This is a key factor for severe weather development in the plains.  Also, some say the drought in Texas is not helping with the severe weather potential in tornado alley.