Midday Shooting - One Person Injured

Midday Shooting - One Person Injured
By: Mike Shain
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --People go crazy every summer, according to Cape Girardeau resident Helen Allen.
She was the only casualty of a street shooting at Locust and South Ellis Streets around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Watching television when she heard gunshots outside, Allen says she went to the window and saw two young men, one with a gun, chasing after and shooting at a white car.

The driver speeded away but one of the bullets went through the window where Allen was standing.

It just missed her but broken glass from the bullet scratched her arm.

Police collected shell casings and interviewed witnesses in the South Cape neighborhood.

Sergeant Barry Hovis says the alleged victim has been located and questioned.

Hovis says no reason for the shooting is known but investigators do have suspects in the shooting.