Heartland Teen Twirls Her Way to State Title

Heartland Teen Twirls Her Way to State Title
By: Wes Wallace

Jackson, MO - You see them at halftime shows in their shiny uniforms and sparkly smiles.

"I practice about an hour everyday," says Victoria Adams with baton in hand, "I come here on Mondays (to the Southeast Twirlers) and practice about three or four hours."

The Jackson native began twirling when she was six. Now, as a freshman at Southeast, you might call Adams royalty. That's because she recently won the Missouri State Queen Twirler title.

"It was really cool to win and compete," says Adams, "I had to interview, do modeling, show a basic strut, and do a solo routine."

That solo routine consists of all kinds of tricks, twirls, turns, tosses, and what's called 'illusions'.

"It's so fun, because sometimes you just can't predict what happens, with the wind and all," explains Adams, "Plus, it's awesome when you catch a toss you've been trying to perfect for a long time. I love doing two baton tricks, best."

Not only does Adams twirl and attend classes, she also teaches to young children. "It's so much fun and a totally different aspect of doing twirling then teaching it, because you actually get to present technique to them, and watch them learn."

You can see some of the Southeast Missouri Twirlers, taught by Kandi Barksdale of East Prairie, this weekend at the Azalea Dogwood Festival in Charleston.