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Disturbing Child Abuse Case

Disturbing Child Abuse Case
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO -Investigators in Cape Girardeau take on a disturbing case involving the abuse of an eight month old baby.

The child's mother now sits in jail facing felony abuse charges.

A woman who knows the baby's mother, spotted bruises on the child and called police.

Now, investigators say there's no telling what might have happened if LaShonda Daniel hadn't stepped up.

"I don't know how anyone can sit there and burn a baby with some curling irons," Daniel says.

But her disbelief didn't stop her from calling police.

Daniel noticed something very wrong with her friend's baby girl when she stopped by to check on her.

"She had one blister in her head one blister in bottom of her foot blisters all over her leg front and back ones on back of her leg so bad, that the word Conair off the curling iron was imprinted on her legs in two spots," she recalls.

Daniel says the baby's mother, 25-year-old Amy Siebert, left her child with a 17 year old while she travelled out of state.

When police showed up, the sitter allegedly admitted to burning the baby's forehead by accident when she tried curling her hair.

But here's what's shocking: the teen then told investigators she saw Siebert burn the child with the curling iron to stop her crying.

She also claims Siebert handed her a tube of make-up to cover-up the burns.

Police say Siebert denies hurting her child.

"It was determined those burns were caused and were inappropriate in nature, and were caused for discipline," Sgt. Barry Hovis with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says.

"It's a power and control issue," Tammy Gwaltney with the Southeast Missouri Network Against Sexual Violence points out.

She says Daniel did exactly what she should have.

"If anyone suspects that a child's being abused or neglected it's imperative that they get involved timeliness is essential in these cases," she says.

"The baby was disabled knew she couldn't fend for herself by me being close to her it could have kept going on led up to death or anything," Daniel says.

The baby has been treated and released from a hospital, and is in protective custody.

Amy Siebert is being held on $7,500 bond at the Cape County Jail.

Incidentally this is National Child Abuse Prevention month, and police want to remind you, if you suspect anyone of abusing or neglecting a child to please call them immediately.

You can even stay anonymous, just as long as you make that call.

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