Kentucky State Testing Season

Kentucky State Testing Season
By: Erica Byfield
GRAVES COUNTY, KY --Spring is the season for state testing, and students inKentucky are the latest in the heartland to fill in the little bubbles on their answer sheets.
The third week in April marks the beginning of CATS or Commonwealth Accountability Testing Systems exam. 
"This is the time of year we see what our instruction and level of our student learning is," said Graves County Elementary Supervisor of Instruction Kim Harrison. 
The CATS test assesses student knowledge in math, science, language arts and social studies. 
"We know what the state expects our students to learn and that what we work towards meeting those expectation," said Graves County Central Elementary Principal Stephanie Sullivan. 
Those expectations are measured on a 140 point scale.
Leaders in the state of Kentucky want all of the school to reach “proficiency” by 2014, that measures up to a score of one hundred. 
     "Last year was our first year as a school and we scored 100.7 and only three schools in the region scored above 100 so we thought that was a huge accomplishment," said Sullivan.
     With that track record Principal Stephanie Sullivan says they have big shoes to fill in their second year. 
     "We try to put them at ease to not make this a tense nervous time but showing them we have confidence in them and we want them to do their best," added Sullivan.
     Monday is only the first day of testing, but these educational leaders are already looking ahead to September when they discover how well their students scored.       
     "We know we meet those expectations last year and we certainly hope to make those again," mentioned Sullivan.
     "It’s all about student learning and we just want to move forward in that area," said Harrison.