What Do You See?

What Do You See?
By:  Holly Brantley
Caruthersville, MO - Everybody in Caruthersville is talking about a picture of something in the clouds over the town.  A photo that many say is proof a divine presence was with them when a tornado devastated the city.
Many believe the photo was taken during the storm. They say it shows the outline of a protective Jesus among the storm clouds. But no one is sure where the photo came from. Some say it was taken outside of neighboring Steele and was given to a Caruthersville resident at the Dyersburg Wal-Mart. Others say it was taken at the Caruthersville nursing home. Despite the questions people in Caruthersville say the picture lifts their spirits and just maybe divine intervention is responsible for saving hundreds of people from death or serious injury. "I see Jesus with his hands up," said Kevin Watkins. "I see Jesus, he's blessing us," said Ruby Holligan.
Ask just about anybody and they'll say the picture shows the presence of a higher power in their town on that Sunday evening when the destructive twister struck...destructive but not deadly. The photo showed up in town shortly after the storm torn up 60% of the city. "As a minister I have no doubt the lord was here," said Carutherville native, Doug Boyd. Those who have seen the damage have asked how everyone in Caruthersville escaped with their life. But, those who lived to tell the story say they know something divine sheltered them during the terrible storm.

"Amen! I was at church honey. I know who was protecting us," said Stella Gill.  Who took the photo may not be known. And, people say that's not important.

Was it a sign of something divine? They think so in Caruthersville.