Hummingbird Season

Hummingbird Season
By:  Jason Lindsey
Cape Girardeau, MO - Pull out your nectar feeders and binoculars! Hummingbird watchers they're back! According to a hummingbird tracking website the first Heartland sightings came from western Kentucky on March 19th.
Hummingbird expert Steven Juhlin with the Conservation Department says these critters have some really unique characteristics. Juhlin says they can hover in flight, they can fly backwards, and they can even turn on a dime.
So what can you do to attract them to your Heartland backyard? Here are a few tips from hummingbird expert Steven Juhlin.
  • Build or buy a hummingbird feeder and fill it with a nectar solution.
  • Plant hummingbird wildflowers in your yard.
Hummingbirds are strongly attracted to anything colored red, orange, or yellow, which they associate with their primary food, flower nectar.
If you are making your own nectar Juhlin says to dissolve one part sugar with four to five parts boiling water.