Pet Cemetery For Sale

Pet Cemetery For Sale
By: Mary-Ann Maloney

Cape Girardeau County, MO - Are you in the market for some real estate? There's an interesting piece of property that's available in Cape Girardeau County.

All you need is $25,000, a strong back and a heart of gold.

Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery is for sale. Alaina Hinze has owned it for the past five years, but now married with a young daughter a home, Alaina doesn't think she can devote the time to the cemetery that it requires.

Alaina is torn about selling the property, but insists that she'll be really picky about who she'll sell it to.

The cemetery sits on about one point three acres. More than three hundred pets are buried there, with room for hundreds more. Mostly dogs and cats are buried there, but Cedar Hills is also the final resting place for birds, rabbits, fish and even a rat.

If you walk among the headstones, you can't help but get choked up. Etched on them are words of loss, composed by the pet's owners who loved their animals very much.

Alaina plans to be very picky about who she sells the property to. She knows that the new owner will have to understand the bond between a pet and it's owner.

Depending on the size of your pet and how elaborate of a headstone you want, burial can run anywhere from $35 to $600.

Alaina says some owners never return to the cemetery, others show up on holidays and some are there every day. It's a special place that deserves a special person.