From War to Natural Disaster - The Call to Duty Brings Soldier Home

From War to Natural Disaster - The Call to Duty Brings Soldier Home
By: Holly Brantley

Caruthersville, MO - National Guard Members are used to responding to natural disasters. But when that happens, they usually don't have to come to the aid of one of their own.

However that wasn't the case when some local National Guard answered a different sort of call to duty.

With a husband in Iraq, a mother battling cancer and the recent death of her father, Debbie Moody though she'd weathered just about all she could. Then the F-3 tornado that hit Caruthersville would test her once more.

But, when the twister hit, Moody was miles from her home. "On Sunday afternoons, I take my mother back to Sikeston because she is taking treatment for lung cancer," said Debbie.

A phone call would soon bring news of the violent storm. She learned her daughter's home had been destroyed. Debbie would soon return to a hometown she didn't recognize. "It was devastating," said Debbie.

"When I got to my house there were trees and limbs everywhere." Debbie phoned her husband, Sgt. First Class Mick Moody, who was serving in Iraq. She told him about the damage.

"He started telling me how to fix things," said Debbie. "I told him he didn't understand."

Mick would soon fly home on emergency leave. But, in the meantime he knew he had to help his wife and daughter at home. He didn't hesitate to call his National Guard family for help.

"Whenever there's a great need they're gonna be there," said Sgt. Moody. "We hardly ever have to help each other but in this case I didn't know what else to do."

"Sure enough they pulled into the driveway that afternoon and worked til dark," said Debbie. "It was pretty amazing."

The Guard didn't stop at the Moody's home. They went on to help their daughter, and other family members rebuild.

To the Moody's, they are heroes. But, Guard Members say it's all part of the job.

"We're friends, we're family, we're brothers," said Sgt. Bill Hoxworth. "We help each other because that's what we do.

Besides Sgt. Hoxworth, the Moddy's want to thank 1st Sgt. Dan Armour, 1st Sgt. Steve Alexander, and Sgt. Sam Carmac for all of their help and support.