E-85 Fuel Availability Sparse

E-85 Fuel Availability Sparse
By: Ryan Tate
Bluegrass Bio Energy leaders announced Tuesday the planned construction of an ethanol plant in Fulton, Kentucky. That marks a handful of proposed plants planned for the Heartland, but there are few gas stations offering the fuel alternative.
According to research by Heartland News, there are five stations in Southeast Missouri, and ten in Southern Illinois. The station farthest west in Kentucky is in Hopkinsville.
"I think a lot drivers want it but they aren't available," George Shepherd of Kansas City, Missouri said. "This is the first time I've seen it. I just wanted to see if it lives up to expectations."
Shepherd pulled into the Express Fuel station in Benton, Missouri. Owners say they added the alternative last fall, and since then 30-35 people a day visit the station to pump E-85, which is made up of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.
According to one of the owners, 60-70% of their customers are new to the station, trying the fuel for the first time.
"I was driving up to Cape Girardeau and I wanted to see how it works," John Priggel of Portageville said. "If more stations around Portageville offered it, I might use it more."
"I make specific trips here just to get the fuel," Tim Robertson of Morley said.
E-85 averages about 50 cents cheaper than regular fuel.