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Charleston, MO

Bullets Found in Car Returned from Police

Bullets Found in Car Returned from Police
By: CJ Cassidy

Charleston, MO -Some disturbing allegations involving the Charleston Police D epartment. People in town have been on edge ever since a rash of recent shootings.Now, one victim's family members say they don't feel police are taking them seriously.

Bobbie Donigan says her daughter barely escaped with her life when someone shot at her car recently, and she says when they got that car back from police, you won't believe what they found inside.

"My nephew found a bullet laying back here," she says pointing to the trunk of the car, "there was a bullet there they apparently missed that bullet!"

That's not all Donigan claims her nephew found in her daughter's car.

"When he broke the tire down another bullet was still in the tire. Yet Charleston Police said they were keeping the car because they were collecting evidence," she says.

Donigan believes the bullets were left behind after someone shot at her daughter's car last week.

She's since handed the bullets over to police.

Chief Paul Johnson says he knows nothing about them.

However, he fears folks will keep seeing the same kind of violence in town, if they don't stand up for themselves.

The biggest problem Johnson says he faces: not having people step forward when they've witnessed a crime.

"I think it's because of intimidation they get labelled as a snitch, and when they get labelled as a snitch, they get threatened out on the streets," Mississippi County Prosecutor Darren Cann says. He agrees a lack of witnesses is one of the key problems in Charleston.

So he's doing his part to keep the violence down.

"If they're behind on their child support payments, I'm charging them with felonies. I'm also requesting $3500 cash only bond on traffic violations. It's just something to get people we know of, or suspect are responsible for these shootings to at least get them confined for a time," Cann explains.

Meanwhile Bobbie Donigan hopes Cann's efforts help police track down whoever shot her daughter's car; but she has her doubts.

"I'm feeling like, I don't mean to sound prejudiced but they don't give a fat rat because these are black people shooting black people," she says.

Chief Johnson says there are still no suspects in that shooting or in the one that claimed 23-year-old Justin Robinson's life two weeks ago.

Johnson also doesn't think the violence is a result of any actual gangs.

He says he hasn't seen any signs of gangs in Charleston; rather he says it's the work of wanna-be, copycats.

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