Immigration Rally Draws Hundreds

Immigration Rally Draws Hundreds
By: Erica Byfield
Mayfield, KY - People all over the U-S gathered for what is billed as a "National Day of Action" in support of immigrant rights.
A few hundred of those demonstrators got together in Mayfield, Kentucky Monday to voice their opinions.
Whether it's chanted in Spanish "Si se puede!" or English "Yes we can!" for these immigrants is a message they hope the world hears loud and clear.
"We're here to fight... we are not criminals we just want to work," said 15 year old Blanca Garcia.
"I've lived in the U-S for about 5 years and I've been working illegally... and all we want is a piece of paper to allow us to work wherever we want," said Mario Gomez.
"We want documentation for all of the immigrants, we want to stop all the abusing, all the lowest pay they are getting for the hardest working labor," said Victor Guardin.
It's also a message that these supporters almost didn't get to share, why?
"There's a state law that says they must have a permit to march... and they can get that but the only problem is that they can't get it today, it has to be in advance," said Mayfield Police Captain Steve Hendley.
So, Mayfield and rally leaders reached a compromise, they couldn't march to the court house, but they could drive.
Supporters waved American and White flags to prove they wanted to hold a peaceful demonstration.
"I'm here for my people... standing up for my people so they know that they aren't alone in this fight... and to prove that there are people interested in helping them achieve a better future," said Guardin.
A future they hope offers America's most recent immigrants a slice of the American dream.