Wine Pairing Classes Gain Popularity

Wine Pairing Classes Gain Popularity
By: Wes Wallace

Cape Girardeau, MO - If you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, but don't know what type to order to best compliment your food, well you're not alone.

"I usually just say, 'Oh bring me some wine that would be ok with what I'm eating," says Mary Trueblood.

Trueblood and about a dozen other people learned how to fix that, as part of a wine and food pairing class.

"I know red and white," says Trueblood, "Maybe this way I can have some good ideas of what would taste good with a certain kind of food."

Enter James Allen of Celebrations Restaurant and Bar. Allen teaches a course on the basics of wine. From selecting a type, to learning about legs, and even swirling and sniffing.

"That's the point of this class, to get people where they can make those choices themselves and not be intimidated when they go out to eat or when they're buying wine," explains Allen.

There's also some guidelines to follow, and some rules made to be bent or broken. Like that whole red wine, red meat, white wine, white meat rule of thumb.

"Pinot is a very food friendly wine," says Allen, "Some whites are really good with some of the darker meats, so it's a good guide, but it's not the gospel when it comes to matching food and wine colors."

Allen also explains sweeter wines are not meant to be paired with food, because it completely throws off the flavors.

The wine and food course is part of Southeast Missouri State's Continuing Education division.