Music Teacher Charged with Sexually Assaulting Student

Music Teacher Charged with Sexually Assaulting Student
By: Arnold Wyrick

Vienna, IL - For the past 5 years Jarod Shumaker of Vienna, now 27-years old, worked as the choir and band director at Vienna High School. But on Friday afternoon just before spring break was scheduled to begin for students and teachers, Shumaker was arrested by Illinois State Police.

The State's Attorney in Johnson County charged Shumaker with one count of criminal sexual assault of a student. According to the charges, the alleged sexual assault of the young girl happened on or about November 23, 2005.
"Well I just think the teacher should've been a little more grown up, used his common sense, and stepped away from the situation. He's the adult, he should know better. He shouldn't even have broached the subject with the student. I think it was wrong, definitely wrong," says Tracy Dunn of Vienna, Illinois.
Many people in the Vienna community recognized Shumaker as a good teacher, and one who turned their school districts music programs around.
Some of the students who know the teacher and the alleged victim are shocked over the criminal charges filed against their teacher.
"I think that he should've known that this was going to happen, that he's 27 and she is 17. he should've known that the charges against him would be bad for him," says J.D. Gonzalez a Vienna High School student.
"I mean she's 17, he could've at least waited until she graduated. I mean she is a Senior, he shouldn't have done it," says Jesse Saunders a Vienna High School student.
Shumaker posted his $25,000 dollar bond over the weekend. He's now awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 28th. For now he also remains as a teacher at the Vienna High School.
But the school board has called a special meeting for April 12th to decide if, and what actions they'll take in this matter, once they've reviewed the charges and evidence compiled against Shumaker.